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Cause & Events is a profit-for-purpose social enterprise. What does this mean? Most of what we earn is passed on to our partner organisations & the small businesses we collaborate with. The rest is reinvested back into Cause & Events to continue delivering more invaluable experiences for you & a very small portion of our earnings is used to feed Astrella's very hungry dogs.




(lit. 'a reason for being')

What makes us jump out of bed every morning:

Our events lead change in your hearts, in the market and the economy.

  • Raise funds for, & promote the work of organisations working for compassion, kindness & equality for all beings

  • Increasing the impact of these organisations by encouraging you to act on their objectives

  • Promote small, local & vegan businesses

  • Influence you to gravitate towards a plant-based lifestyle ;)

We actively support and promote organisations who fight animal cruelty 

How does this magical shift in universal energies happen?

Every ticket you purchase directly supports local, vegan businesses and charities who are fighting against animal cruelty. Learn more about these charities from our Game Changers page.

The butterfly effect that started a revolution was really you being a part of one of our amazing events

No other market or event helps you maximise your impact towards a better world like this one.
Fresh Organic Vegetables
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