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  • Do I need to be vegan to attend an event?
    No way, José! Our events are inclusive of everyone regardless of your background, affiliations and lifestyle choices. Come to learn, taste, shop and have a fabulous time! However, we want everyone to feel safe and have a great time. So any drunk or disorderly behaviour will be asked to leave the event.
  • Cancellations & refunds
    We don't issue refunds, but you can pass on your ticket to someone else or request a credit note from us. If you are unable to attend the event please email us 48hrs before the event starts (not your arrival time, but the time the event starts) to let us know. You will receive a credit note that you can use for any of our future events. Include your order number and event name. Cancellation requests are not accepted after the event. ***Please check the event details prior to attending, in case there have been any changes. Please ensure to check your emails and our social accounts for updates in the days leading up to the event. Sometimes extenuating circumstances impede an event from going ahead as planned. We will give you early notice as much as we possibly can and we will make every effort to reach you via email and our social accounts. However, we cannot be held responsible for you not checking your emails and notification.***
  • Act 2 - Event Reschedules
    Many businesses, including us, are still dealing with the devastating after effects of the pandemic. Due to this there are many factors that contribute to an event being rescheduled or altered. We kindly thank you for your patience while the world gets its bearing back in order. In the meantime, please check your emails for updates on any changes. If you save your ticket in your smartphone wallet, it will notify you of a change of venue. But it will not notify you of the date. The correct date can be found in tiny print on the top corner of you e-ticket. This only happens in your smartphone wallet. Please ensure to check your email and follow our social accounts for the most up to date information. Facebook Instagram Our cancellation policy applies in this instance. If an event is rescheduled and you cannot make the new date, we will be happy to offer you a credit not to use at one of our future events. Sincerely, The c&e team🌱
  • Do you have discounts for pensioners and low-income visitors?
    We don't. But everyone deserves to have a good time. Please write to us about your individual circumstances and it will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Are your events child-friendly?
    Definitely. For events with guest speakers please kindly ensure that a quite environment is maintained so that other guests can still hear the speakers. It is the parents'/accompanying adult's responsibility to ensure that the minor in their care does not consume alcohol or participate in the wine/alcohol tastings. Unaccompanied minors will not be permitted entry to any events.
  • Are your events dog-friendly?
    Ummm....we really want to say yes. But dogs surrounded by food, how will that work?
  • Can you help me promote my business?
    Yes, we are very supportive of and encourage plant-based business to connect with us. We would love to feature you at one of our events. Please contact us via the vendors form on the Join Us page and we'll be happy to change or Facebook status to 'in a relationship'. Yours must be an Australian, plant-based business. If you only have a few plant-based products in your portfolio we are unable to consider you as that is in direct conflict with our company objectives.
  • What are the benefits my business can avail upon collaborating with you?
    You will receive access and exposure to our extensive and loyal community of followers. There are several other benefits that we would much rather discuss with you directly. Additionally, if you can run a plastic-free event, you will receive a 15% discount on stall fees.
  • Can I buy a ticket at the venue, on the day?
    Tickets need to be purchased in advance so we can cater accordingly.
  • Where can I meet more vegans?
    There is a Meet-up group that meets regularly at different restaurants. While you don't have to vegan to join them, please only order vegan food when dining with the vegan group.
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    If you would like to tag us on Facebook just type in @vegancauses
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